Well, hello there.

My name is Veronika.

I love sci-fi (especially the movie Interstellar), sushi and podcasts. In my spare time I paint on leather jackets, which I sell under my own brand Voxa. I am Pisces zodiac sign and my friends liken my character to Arya Stark from Game Of Thrones 🙂 

I believe that when it comes to Marketing, what you want is unimportant — it is what your CUSTOMER wants that matters — and what your customer wants is probably significantly different from what you think he wants.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Middlesex University London with a major in Graphic Design. I worked in many companies where I had the opportunity to learn SEO, Website Development, or Branding.

Last year I graduated with a distinction Master’s degree in IT Management from the University College London.

Some of my skills:

Achievements & Awards

Work experience:

Growth Marketer

Marketing Manager

Brand Designer

Junior Marketing Manager

SEO | Web | Design | Social Media

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