pro design studio


Introducing RPA, a pioneering legal tech startup based in Dubai. RPA is on a mission to revolutionise the way individuals and businesses connect with top-notch legal professionals. Their ambitious objective is to eliminate the challenges of finding a skilled lawyer and ensure that you’re matched with the perfect specialist for your case, all within a remarkable timeframe of less than 15 minutes.

The goal was to craft a fresh and trendy brand image with a distinct tech-oriented and modern vibe. This required the use of vibrant and contemporary colours while maintaining a corporate and professional appeal.

The client had a specific vision in mind – they wanted to incorporate a lively, bright blue along with a classic grey tone into their brand’s visual identity.

The challenge I faced was in aligning various stakeholders, including design managers, engineers, business development, and localisation, around a cohesive strategy.

Their differing opinions on how to strategically market the product left me uncertain about the creative direction for my designs.

To address this issue, I took proactive steps by initiating a live Miro collaboration workshop followed by discussions dedicated solely to creative strategy prioritisation.

The result? I successfully realigned more than 11 stakeholders, bringing them into agreement on a unified strategy. 

What I learned from this experience was the importance of maintaining a high level of drive and proactivity in engaging and aligning all my stakeholders. I found that I had to adapt to a style of overcommunication for the sake of clarity and collaboration.

My most significant takeaway from this project is the paramount importance of cross-functional alignment. Establishing clear expectations and priorities early in the project proved to be invaluable for both the project’s success and the ultimate success of the product.