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launch mappers

Launch Mappers’ mission is to empower their clients with a personalized roadmap to success and provide them with an on-demand growth team to bring their unique strategies to life. They are dedicated to guiding businesses towards their goals, one step at a time.

My mission was straightforward yet crucial: to design a comprehensive report layout, accompanied by advertising visuals, all with one clear objective – to get people to download the report.

The client’s goal was to ensure that the entire advertising campaign and report design matched their branding perfectly and made it stand out as a truly unique report, unlike any other in the market.

At the conclusion of this project, I gained valuable insights.

Firstly, I learned that InDesign isn’t always the optimal choice for text-based work. During the design process, I found it necessary to switch to Figma because I aimed to make the report vibrant with numerous gradients, textures, and other elements, which was challenging to achieve in InDesign. I also decided to utilize Figma for all ad visuals to keep everything centralized in one document.

Looking back, if I had the opportunity to undertake this project again, I would ensure that all textures were appropriately resized. Towards the end, a major challenge emerged when the PDF file became excessively large, resulting in the loss of texture and colour quality after compression.

Consequently, I had to invest extra time manually fixing each page to maintain the desired quality.