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Czech beer alliance

This project was undertaken for the Czech Beer Alliance (CBA), a Czech Beer Distributor that entered the UK market in 2017 with a distinct mission: to be the advocate for Real Bohemian Lager. CBA’s core mission is to celebrate the commitment of independent Czech brewers who adhered to time-honored brewing traditions and never compromised on the quality of their products.

Being Czech myself, I was genuinely passionate about this project from the very start. My goal was to design an identity that would stand out from other distributors in the UK market, as they tend to adopt a corporate and conventional approach. I aimed for something refreshingly unique and distinct.

To create a brand identity that is lively and fun, yet still rooted in the traditional spirit of Czech beer.

The heart of the visual identity project was centered on crafting a brand that stands out and leaves a lasting impression, one that would beautifully complement the rich history and captivating stories of Czech microbreweries.

The choice of colours, deep burgundy and radiant gold, was thoughtfully made to evoke the traditional and luxurious essence of Bohemian beer.

In addition to designing the brand identity, another crucial aspect of the project was the development of a brand-new website. The website’s main purpose is to work as a platform to showcase all the partnered breweries associated with CBA.

This project was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had. The biggest challenge I faced was determining the creative direction for the colour scheme. I wanted to avoid the typical gold or dark green colors commonly seen in Czech beer branding.

I’m extremely pleased with the outcome, especially the inclusion of textured patterns on print materials.