This project was created for a luxurious Egyptian architecture studio that specializes in high-end projects around the world. The goal of this project was to design a visual representation of the company’s values and expertise that would accurately convey the quality and prestige of their work.

The design features the face of the eagle, the national bird of Egypt, which symbolizes strength, power, and pride. The eagle’s face is paired with a crown, representing luxury, and the brand’s initials, creating a sophisticated and memorable emblem.

Incorporating the image of the eagle was a deliberate choice, as it not only symbolizes the studio’s Egyptian heritage, but it also represents the studio’s unwavering commitment to delivering only the best and most exceptional work. The crown reinforces the idea of luxury and high-end design, emphasizing the company’s focus on creating outstanding and prestigious projects.

Overall, this visual identity project was created to elevate the visual representation of a luxurious Egyptian architecture studio and accurately convey their expertise, values, and commitment to excellence.