1. Brand discovery and the brief

In the first meeting, I will try to gather as much details about your business such as the target audience, the specifications and the business objectives. A creative brief is a document that’s aimed to help me understand the scope of the project and usually includes the following:

2. Graphic design research

This is an extremely valuable step build a better understanding of the audience I am designing for (and how to make it work for you). I will also create a mood board of comparable designs at this stage in order to get the ideas flowing.

The research phase of the graphic design process often involves things like:

3. Design Process

This is where the fun part begins. We are a team now & we work together to bring your vision come to life with beautiful branding that works for your brand rather than working it another way around. My process is streamlined & straightforward with clear communications from day one so you are never left out of the loop of your branding process.

5. The feedback - 10/50/99 stages

Often, people break review rules and start giving feedback on things like color choice or fonts at a stage where the I have only outlined a skeleton. I will make sure to follow the above design review stages to keep your projects moving along smoothly.

The 10/50/99 feedback process ensures that we’re checking in at the most crucial parts of a project, allowing you to give the right feedback at the right time:

The final product

Yay! The design is complete. It’s time to get the final files (and invoice if working with an external design resource) and put the designs into action.

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